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Anatomy 5

AG Swallowing

traditional view of how a swallow is triggered and "What is a swallow?" anterior faucial arch stimulation characterized by four stages: oral prep, oral, pharyngeal, esophageal; also, considered a brainstem-controlled reflex
current view of how a swallow is triggered and "What is a swallow?" stimulation of deep muscle receptors in base of tongue and superficial mucosal receptors in pharynx; complex series of interdependent & overlapping movements carrying material from oral cavity to pharynx and esophagus; considered a modifiable response
3 step process for when things get past the TVFs TRAP, COUGH, CLEAR
the walls of the trachea that are lined with cilia and mucous The Mucociliary chain
Horking clears what? oropharynx
Throat clearing clears what? larynx and hypopharynx
coughing, forced expiration clears what? lungs, trachea, and larynx
respiratory/swallowing typical pattern inhale - begin exhalation - hold breath - swallow - continue exhalation
the entire process of putting food in the mouth until it enters the stomach deglutition
a delay in, or misdirection of, a fluid or solid food bolus as it moves from the mouth to the stomach dysphagia
The biological function of swallowing to safely transport food from the mouth to the stomach
valves involved in swallowing velopharyngeal, TVFs, ventricular folds, epiglottis/aryepiglottal fold over.
What is the prime mover of material through the pharynx Tongue base retraction
What cannot be changed about a swallow? pharyngeal peristalsis, PES relaxation
What can be changed about a swallow? vocal fold closure and laryngeal elevation
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