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Insect Orders

Order – Coleoptera Family – Beetles
Order – Dictyoptera Family – Cockroaches Family – Mantids
Order – Diptera Family – True Flies
Order – Lepidoptera Family – Butterflies Family – Moths
Order – Ephemeroptera Family – Mayflies
Order – Hymenoptera Family – Ants Family – Bees Family – Wasps
Order – Odonata Family – Dragonflies Family – Damselflies
Order – Orthoptera Family – Grasshoppers Family – Katydids
Order – Phasmida Family – Stick-Insects
Collembola Springtails
Dermaptera Earwigs
Diplura Two Pronged Bristle-tails
Embiopter Web Spinners
Hemiptera True Bugs
Isoptera Termites
Mallophaga Biting Lice
Mecoptera Scorpionflies
Neuropter Lacewings
Plecoptera Stoneflies
Psocoptera Bark and Book Lice
Siphonaptera Fleas
Siphunculata Sucking Lice
Thysanoptera Thrips
Thysanura Silverfish
Trichoptera Caddis Flies
Created by: sethowens25