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PSR 10

Pre-fixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

plasm-, -plast- form, formed into
platy- flat
pleur- lung, rib, side
pneumo- lungs, air
-pod foot
ply- many, several
por- opening
port- carry
post- after, behind
pom fruit
pre- before, ahead of time
prim- first
pro- forward, favoring, before
proto- first, primary
pseudo- false, deceptive
psych mind
pter- having wings or fins
pulmo- lung
puls- drive, push
pyr- heat, fire
quadr- four
quin- five
radi- ray
re- again, back
rect- right, correct
ren- kidney
ret- net, made like a net
rhag-, -rrhage burst forth
rhe-, rrhea flow
rhin- nose
rhiz- root
rhodo- rose
roto- wheel
rubr- red
sacchar- sugar
sapr- rotten
Created by: RJ Dover