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Test #2 Ch. 6,7,9

Microbiology Test #2

Which of the following can grow in a Petri plate on a laboratory table? An aerobic bacterium
This statement, "In the laboratory, a sterile inoculating loop is moved across the agar surface in a culture dish, thinning a sample and isolating individuals," describes which of the following? Streak Plate
Superoxide dismutase ________. Detoxifies superoxide radicals
The most reactive of the four toxic forms of oxygen is _______. The Hydroxyl radical
Microaerophiles that grow best with a high concentration of carbon dioxide in addition to a low level of oxygen are called ___________. Capnophiles
Which of the following is not a growth factor for various microbes? Water
Organisms that preferentially may thrive in icy waters are described as ________. Psychrophiles
Barophiles ________. Cannot cause diseases in humans.
Which of the following terms best describes an organism that cannot exist in the presence of oxygen? Obligate anaerobe
In a defined medium, __________. The exact chemical composition of the medium is known
Which of the following is most useful in representing population growth on a graph? A semilogarithmic graph using a log scale on the y-axis
Which of the following methods is best for counting fecal bacteria from a stream to determine the safety of the water for drinking? Membrane filtration
A Coulter counter is _________. A device that directly counts microbes as they pass through a tube in front of an electronic detector.
Lyophilization can be described as __________. Freeze drying
Quorum sensing is ___________. The ability to respond to changes in population density.
All cells require a source of ___________ for redox reactions. Electrons
A toxic form of oxygen, _________ oxygen, is molecular oxygen with electrons that have been boosted to a higher energy state. Singlet
All cells recycle the essential element _________ from amino acids and nucleotides. Nitrogen
_______ are small organic molecules that are required in minute amounts for metabolism. Growth Factors
The lowest temperature at which a microbe continues to metabolize is called its __________. Minimum Growth Temperatures
Cells that shrink in hypertonic solutions such as salt water are responding to _______ pressure. Osmotic
Obligate __________ exist in salt ponds because of their ability to withstand high osmotic pressure. Halophiles
__________ pigments protect many phototrophic organisms from photochemically produced singlet oxygen. Carotenoid
Microbes that reduce N2 to NH3 engage in nitrogen ____________. Fixation
A student observes a researcher streaking a plate numerous times, flaming the loop between streaks. The researcher is likely using the _________ method to isolate microorganisms. Streak Plate
Chemolithotrophs acquire electrons from _________ compounds. Inorganic
Which of the following is most likely the number of base pairs in a bacterial chromosomes?
Which of the following is a true statement concerning prokaryotic chromosomes?
A plasmid is _________.
Which of the following forms ionic bonds with Eukaryotic DNA and stabilizes it?
Nucleotides used in the replication of DNA _________.
Which of the following molecules functions as a "proofreader" for a newly replicated strand of DNA?
The addition of ----CH3 to a cytosine nucleotide after DNA replication is called _________.
In translation, the site through which tRNA molecules leave a ribosome is called the _________.
The Ames Test _________.
Which of the following methods of DNA repair involves enzymes that recognize and correct nucleotide errors in unmethylated strands of DNA?
Which of the following is NOT a mechanism of natural genetic transfer and recombination?
Cells that have the ability to take up DNA from their environment are said to be ___________.
Which of the following statements is true?
Which of the following are called "jumping genes"?
Although two cells are totally unrelated, one cell receives DNA from the other cell and incorporates this new DNA into its chromosome. This process is __________.
Transcription produces ___________.
A nucleotide is composed of ____________.
In DNA, adenine forms __________ hydrogen bonds with ____________.
A sequence of nucleotides formed during replication of lagging DNA strand is _________.
Which of the following is NOT part of an operon?
Repressible operons are important in regulating prokaryotic __________.
Which of the following is part of each molecule of mRNA?
Ligase plays a major role in ___________.
Before mutations can affect a population permanently, they must be ______.
The trp operon is repressible. This means it is usually ________ and is directly controlled by ___________.
The three steps in RNA transcription are ____________, _____________, and ____________. Initiation of transcriptions, Elongation of the RNA transcript, Termination of transcription
A triplet of mRNA nucleotides that specifies a particular amino acid is called a __________. codon
Three effects of point mutations are ___________, _____________, and ______________. Silence, Missense, Nonsense
Insertions and deletions in the genetic code are also called _______ mutations.
An operon consists of _________, __________, and ___________ and is associated with a regulatory gene.
In general, __________ operons are inactive until the substrate of their genes' polypeptides is present.
A daughter DNA molecule is composed of one original strand and one new strand because DNA replication is ___________.
A gene for antibiotic resistance can move horizontally among bacterial cells by __________, __________, and _____________.
___________ are nucleotide sequences containing palindromes and genes for proteins that cut DNA strands.
_________ _________ is a recombination event that occurs during gamete formation in eukaryotes.
__________ RNA carries amino acids.
_________ RNA and __________ RNA are antisense; that is, they are complementary to another nucleic acid molecule.
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