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Office Management


What are the three levels of dental practice software Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
Create patient billing accounts- insurance processing – recall – basic accounting Basic
Electronic scheduling – support group practices – personalize recall – generate reminders- all of the basic functions Intermediate
All of above Plus integrates clinical with business office Maintains clinical records- Interoral and digital x-rays – electronic banking – credit card processing- digital signatures Advanced
who should be involved in the selection of software in the office everyone
3 things the first level of software gives you Word processing ( letters) Submit insurance claims List of scheduled patients daily ( not as a time schedule just a list)
Should the dentist’s signature be preprinted on a computer generated Prescription? Why or why not? no too easy for unauthorized people to give RX for drugs
Why is it a good thing to have terminals in treatment rooms? Clinical personnel can enter treatment at time of treatment for office to generate bills and insurance – schedule follow-up appts
What types of management forms can be generated by electronic systems? Bills, superbills, letters, insurance forms, collection letters, charts and graphs of production of office and personnel, year to date financials, Patient demographics,
What does the computerized software assure the Administrative Assistant of? A safe and secure system that will gather, store, process, and help effectively connect the clinical and business sides of the practice.
four categories of records are vital important useful unimportant
clinical records should be written in pencil so you can fix mistakes easily? false
is is oka to make derogatory statements in the patients clinical record because it is property of the dentist? false
One type of number system is Universal Numbering system
the registration form is used to gather demographical info. insurance info, financial data
can clinical charts and record be used in the court of law? yes
which numbering system is most widely used in the us today Universal
Mesial Occlusal Buccal Distal would be noted in the chart as what MOBD
Tooth “A” would be noted on a chart for a? child
EX, Ext, Exo on a chart means extraction
Employee records that must be maintained in the office include which of the following? Birth certificated, high school diploma, employment agreements, Certifications and Hygiene Licenses.
Is it considered prudent to send copies and keep the original of records and x-rays? yes
Can you send a copy of a husband’s clinical records and billing information to his wife No unless he signs a release form giving permission
A patient phones to say he wants to have his entire clinical chart and any x-rays sent to his new dentist. Do you have to send them? Can you charge to send them? What is step one? Step one – get signed permission to send only send copies of the clinical chart and copies of the x-rays keep originals in office
HIPPA privacy rules apply to the office – How do you get around the rules if you need to send a copy of an x-ray to the endodontist to whom you are referring a patient? have patient sign a release form giving permission to send a copy of his x-rays to the endodontist
How often should the health history be updated? each visit, or once a year
You heard the pharmacist tell a patient of office that his Warfarin prescription was ready. The patient is going to have 6 lower teeth extracted next week. Warfarin is a blood thinner. He never put the Rx down on his health history. What do you do? -Call patient ask if he taking any med you need to know about for the extractions I.e a blood thinner; explain why Call doctor and tell him about the extractions: ask if there is any protocol he wants regarding pt going off the Warfarin.
it is smarter to use pencil when entering in a chart so you can erase something later. false
Data entered into a chart after treatment should be initialed by the dentist or hygienist and in what other circumstances by the DA as well. If the DA is the one who actually entered the info dictated by the doctor or hygienist, even if it was only part of the entry.
Which name comes first – John McDonald or John MacDonald John Macdonald
ADA requires all dental and non dental supplies should be ordered from an accredited dental supplier. false
Expendable supplies require the most attention True
Why is it not prudent to order all supplies from on supplier? you can sometimes get them cheaper or sooner from another vendor
A procedural Manual is good for: Dentist; Office Mangager, All staff Members all staff
Clinical records can only be entered in the business Office false
P. O. # stands for: Purchase Order
Staples, Rite Aide, Bangor Medical supply are considered Retail stores; non medial supply
What is HIPAA and what does it stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Protects the privacy of the patient –
What is OSHA and what does it stand for? Occupational Safety Health Administration protects the worker
Perry O’Dontal died 4 years ago can we throw away his records no you must keep records for a certain amount of time after the death of a patient
What are the four types of documents in the office? vital important unimportant useful
Why do we keep the original of dental records in the originating office? legal document- forensics
What are the two types of filing systems for patient records? alphabetical and numeric
The alphabetical patient filing system is used by 90% of all offices. True
Is it considered ethical to charge a fee for copying records and x-rays to be sent to another dental practice? yes
Define “lead time” when ordering supplies Time it takes from order placement to receiving the merchandise
What are the three types of supplies? capital expendable nonexpendable
What is a down side of the card inventory system? cards can get lost or mis filled
Which of the following is NOT a reason for a recall? Cleaning, b. determination of periodontal tissue status, c. extraction Extraction
The success of the recall system depends on what?: motivation, education, and consistent follow-up Follow up
Productivity = Treatment divided by a. monetary considerations b. time factors c. patient motivation. Monetary Considerations
Infection control in the office is whose responsibility everyones
Evening hours and Saturdays should be saved for whom? the working people who can't get time off from work
There are three types of recall system give and explain the good and bad for two. advance appointment telephone system mail 1. make appt. when there – have it – may forget 2 telephone – personable – time consuming 3. mail – visual reminder – can be ignored
CASD stands for what? Canceled appointment same day
A Patient comes in for a cleaning on the wrong day. What do you do? Check to see who really made mistake- if “us” we see the patient – if patient- show nicely they are wrong and make sure they have one for a later date
When is the best time to see a preschooler? around naps and meals
True or False, When making an appointment always ask, “What time would be best for you?” False
List three thing to do when using the telephone recall system ie say thank you. don't call too early in the morning voice conveys a happy positive attitude Make calls in private out of other patient hearing Don't pester a patient
Who gets specific times scheduled or extra time? Elderly, handicapped,children, frightened
The office is backed up, you are running 45 min. late. What do you do with the patients who are stacking up in the waiting room First apologize Tell them an emergency arose, ask if they can wait – give apx how long, offer new appointment
What are the two types of appointment book? electronic or manual
What is the best type of traditional appointment book? Why? spiral bound notebook pages are more secure
Should you use an indelible black pen in an appointment book? Why or why not? No, erase tx of ca appt leave name put in new name under it with tx for new patient
What do you do with lunch hours, holidays, and vacations in the book? cross them out; highlight lunch
Staff meeting should be held when? when office is closed; employee should be paid for it
where should the office policy on broken/cancelled appointments be noted? ( there are 2 places) in reception area and new pt letters
Is it “OK” to charge for a broken appointment? If YES, explain when, if NO, explain why Yes – after x # have been broken, patient has been informed verbally and in writing
HIPPA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Emergency Buffer Time xed out for emergency patients
Peak Time B/4 8 Am After 3P
Legal Document Appointment Book
Xed out time Lunch time
Call List Used for broken or cancelled appts
Red Ink Used for CA and CASD
Daily Appoint. Screen Can have colors for each practioner
Daily Schedule Can be printed for all Tx rooms
Advanced appointment type of recall system
Crime wrongdoing by society as a whole
Felony serious crime punishable by imprisonment of more than 1 yr
litigation process of a law suit
Expert Witness offers an opinion based on records
Misdemeanor Less serious crime punished by fine or imprisonment up to one year
Malpractice negligence or wrongdoing by a professional
Code of Ethics systematic, intellectual approach to standards of behavior
Consent actions and duties that flow from a relationship
Negligence an act of omission or commission
Malpractice can be intentional or unintentiona True
Tort is a criminal wrongdoing with the government against a person false
A fact witness must provide first hand information, not opinion based on records True
If a dentist tells the DA to cement a permanent crown in the state of Maine it is “ok” if the dentist is in the building False
Abandonment is considered malpractice True
Risk Management programs provide examples of dentists who: ___ are good managers to copy ___ are good dental practitioners to copy ___ have been found liable in the past ___ have taken risks in the past have been found liable in the past
Records of Management ___must include any incident between patient and staff ___ include all employee records ___ include any incident between staff, be documented and retained ___ all of the above All of the aboce
2 Categories of the Americans with Disabilities are: a. ___ Impairments b. ___ Records of impairment c. ___ inability to speak English d. ___ a & b e. ___ b & c A and B
Tort is civil wrongdoing: it means ___ plaintiff against plaintiff ___ plaintiff against government ___ plaintiff against defendant(s) Plantif against defendants
Acts that can lead to litigation: ___eating in the treatment rooms ___ canceling a patient’s appointment for the second time in a row ___ entering inaccurate information on a patient chart ___ B & C entering inaccurate information on a patient chart
The two roles of dentistry in today’s modern world are: a. to listen and help patients b. to provide health care service and make a profit c. to create communication and service between patients and the practice To provide health care service and make a profit
Goals are achieved by: a. stressing efficiency b. considering short term goals first c. being proactive rather than reactive Being proactive rather than reactive
80% of all failed jobs are due to poor ___________ skills. a. technical b. people training leadership people
are the major assets in the new workplace. employees
The modern dentist must be a/an ___ as well as a clinician. entrepreneur
When a patient comes into the office what is he really looking for Service
is what evolves into the commitment for the welfare of others Attitude
The basis for patient retention is Communication
To promote service you must listen to the patient. True
It is important to inform patients of alternative plans. True
The office manager develops the practice philosophy. False
One way to promote service is to maintain regularly scheduled office hours. True
It is up to the dentist to assign any duty he wants. False
Technology alone cannot drive a practice. True
Who else can carry out the administrative assistant’s duties? Chairside Dental Assistant
One barrier to communication is Lingo Terminology Vernacular Language Preconceived ideas Emotions, noise, stereotyping, conflicting non verbals
List two non verbal clues Tenseness Embarrassment Anger Feeling Ignored Defensiveness
How does the patient show the two you gave? How he sits, clenched hands, cover mouth, holding body in a tight manner, crossed arms, tapping toes or fingers
What is the first thing that should happen when a patient enters the office? Smiled at greeted or acknowledged – if on phone complete call asap
What are the five elements of communication? Sender Message Medium Receiver Feedback
What are semantics and what is a common one in the dental office? Change in meaning of a word. Drill is one in dentistry
What should you always do when answering the phone? Smile
What is the difference between telephone communications and face to face? Non verbals cannot be seen, auditory only, tone of voice becomes Paramount
Show a telephone message with all the informational questions. Date Time Int of person who took the mess For Name of caller Number of caller Call back Y or N Message
Second pages of a letter do not have the letter head on them. True
What are 4 types of correspondence sent from a dental office? Bills recall cards, letters to other dental offices, greeting cards, collections, insurance claims and cover letters
What type of correspondence is sent return receipt requested? Final bills before legal action is taken, notices of firing a patient, legal correspondence
Do not send personal, sensitive, or confidential information e-mail. Why? it is not secure
When dental personnel use jargon to a patient what happens? The patient gets confused and upset and may get the wrong impression of what is happening
What does the Dental Assistant do with the Doctor’s mail when he goes on vacation? Follows office protocol (places it on his desk unopened)
A patient who has a crown placed on a root canalled tooth# 2 is exhibiting which of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Safety
Patient relations revolve around: ___ empathy ___understanding ___ warmth ___concern _ all of above All of the above
Rogers believed that people were striving to achieve the ideal self
List three things that influence a patient’s decision to join a practice. name, ins accepted, staff communication, dentist’s philosophy
Why is the receptionist one of the MOST important people in the office? First one seen at initial visi or spoken to on phonet
Mary Marshall is a 48 year old widow. How do you address her when it is her turn to be seen ? Mrs. Marshall or as protocol for the office dictates
If a patient has to wait more than 10 minutes beyond their appointment what should you do? Tell them – ask if they can wait - offer coffee or a beverage
A patient has cancelled 3 appointments for her root canal. Why? How do you get her to tell you the real reason? Talk to her ask non one word answers and open ended questions
Iva Foulmouth comes into the reception area yelling. He has received a bill for services his insurance should have covered he screams. There are 2 children and one new patient in the waiting room. What do you do? Get him out of the room into a quiet area. Speak quietly and calmly. Tell him you will recheck the bill and see what has happened – If there is time call the ins co. to see why it was not paid. Be firm and objective do not let it get personal to you
List 4 Team Strategies to provide outstanding customer service available - unique image - appreciation shown- personalizes patints- listens- set goals for the office understands value
What are the 4 types of communication channels in an office Formal downward horizontal Formal upward informal
In Formal downward communication who is the instigator of the communication? Top down dentist or office manager to DA or Hyg Dent to off mgr
Is the office grapevine a good thing or detrimental to the office? good to tell you if there is a problem arising in the office
Of the 4 types of conflict in the office, which one is between the three hygienists? Horizontal
Noise, work overload, lack of trust is all barriers to communication. True
Criticism can be constructive if it causes Positive Changes
Ethel never can make a decision. If you ask her if she wants Subway or Quizzno’s for lunch she will say,”Oh, it doesn’t matter, whatever you all want if fine.” What is her conflict handling style? avoid style, as well as passive aggresive
The dentist is going to ordered new uniforms for the office – it is a really ugly green- everyone else thinks it is beautiful. How will you handle the situation and what is the appropriate resolution for the problem? Either deal with it because you'll only have to wear it one day a week or talk to the dentist and request a new color.
What should a well defined credit policy include? Adhere to community standards conform to community standards reflect attitudes of dentist provide options to patients be written down for patients
List 3 traps to not being paid in timely fashion and how do you handle them? Will pay at end of long treatments defensive or angry if asked for payments will pay after ins pays (even co-pay) be firm give policy again ASK for the money!!
Which type of office uses the coupon book for payment most often? Ortho
When are statements sent out? Usually ½ alphabet on 1st of month 2nd ½ middle of month all only once a month
What times of day can you make collection calls? After 9 AM before 9PM
What is important to have in front of you when making a collection call? All the account information in front of you – charts, ledger, copies of statements
What is level 5 of the collection process? Collection agency or small claims court
Who does the Fair Debt Practices Act protect? The consumer or patient
If the patient has insurance that will cover the cost of the procedure, who is responsible for making sure the dentist gets paid The patient or legal guardian is ultimately responsible
adjustment column that shows a change
bookkeeping recording of financial data
receipt copy of financial transaction for patient
day sheet list of activity per day for each day
statement monthly accounting for patient
credit balance over payment by patient
Debit balance what is due the dentist from the patient
nonsufficient funds check returned for not enough money in bank
previous balance amount owed before additional transactions
Accounting recording, classifying, & summary of financial data
When adding decimal you always place the decimal point in the same place true
__ Computer systems are only used to print out super bills false
Computers must be backed up on a regular basis true
In the pegboard system the date is shown as m/d/yy false
__ It is more efficient to pull the ledger cards for the next day today true
A credit balance can occur when the patient prepays for dental work. true
Nonsufficient funds means the patient cannot afford to pay the dentist. false
Cash only eliminates a lot of paper work true
If a treatment is going to extend over 4 appointments, you must ask for the money up front false
If you make an error on the day sheet, you should use white-out neatly and write over it. false
4 kinds of bank checks Bank certified cashier traveler money order voucher
Who in the office should have access to the ATM Card Dentist and office manager, business manager
A patient of many years wants to give you a check made out to her. She will sign it over to the dentist. Should you accept it? Defend your answer no never take third party checks
Is it prudent to accept a check for more than the amount owed and give back change? If no, why not? No. If it bounces you are out the original amount and the overage plus a bank fee for NSF.
Unemployment taxes are paid the employer
What should you never use the ATM for deposits
What does a certified check guarantee? How do you know this The amount of the check has been frozen in the account. The bank account numbers on the bottom have been punched out.
Why is a money order, certified check, or Bank draft, better than a regular check? Guarantee of payment, bank drafts and money orders were purchased and certified is frozen money in account.
What is a voucher check used for? What does it have that a regular check does not? To pay bills you want itemized and has a stub that can be torn off
You made a mistake on the W-2 forms- They have already been sent- How do you correct this? Make out a corrected copy and resend all the parts to the appropriate places.
self produced infection autogenic
environmental protection agency EPA
Hepatitis B Virus HPV
materials identified as hazardous to human health hazardous waste
A chemical used to destroy some pathogenic microorganisms disinfectant
Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA
Center for Disease control CDCC
act of making something sanitary Sanitization
process for rendering an item free of germ life entirely Sterilization
secondary goal of dentistry to make a profit
The business assistant is responsible for maintaining health exposure records of employees true
There are 2 types of infection in the dental office. true
_ It is not possible for front desk personnel to pick up germs false
Tuberculosis has been wiped out in the U.S. false
PPE is not necessary for all procedures false
It is acceptable practice to wipe instruments with an alcohol wipe between patients. false
OSHA was established to protect the worker in the workplace. true
All chemicals in the office should be labeled true
The proper way to sterilize instruments is to bag them and put them away in the bag after. True
It is up to the dentist whether or not employees get immunized for Hepatitis B Virus. false
lab jackets and coats must be cleaned by the? dentist
Aseptic technique includes the following: use of barrier covers use of antimicrobial hand rinses
bioburden includes blood dust and skin cells
Chances of getting AIDS in a dental office are: one in 1,000,000
Cross Infection occurs when: one person to another
What “old” disease is suddenly showing up in epidemic proportions in our area? whooping cough and tb
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