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Biology 14.1 SR

Biology- Evolution: A Retreat from Science 14.1 SR -FINISHED

Explain the relationship between the modern concept of science and the philosophy of materialism. The philosophy of materialism is actually a faith not in the creator but in matter itself. Science today is also a faith.
What are some of the factors which prevent natural selection from creating new kinds? it is because the varieties have definite boundaries
Give some of the reasons why many well-known 19th-century scientists rejected Darwin's hypothesis of evolution. Because merely imagining how something might have occurred is not scientific proof that such a thing DID occur. Also a lot of them didn't agree w/ natural selection.
What were some of the effects of the naturalistic worldview upon science? A great percentage of educated ministers also accepted Darwin's idea.
What were some of the effects of the naturalistic worldview upon society at large? Instead of recognizing man as the special creation of God, people began to regard mankind as a mere animal, with not more worth than any other part of nature.
Created by: Teens