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Exam 3

Short Answer Questions

Name & describe the two phyla of Helminths and give what kingdom they are in. -Flat/Round worms. -Parasitic, Reduced digestive & nervous system, complex reproduction, and reduced locomotion. -Animalia
Compare/Contrast the differences between the 4 kingdoms in Eukarya. (see slides also) -Animalia- Multicellular, No cell walls -Plantae- Multicellular, cellulose cell walls -Fungi- Unicellular/Mutlicelluar, Chitin cell walls -Protista- Catch all for Eukaryotic organisms misfits.
Describe classification. (*****5 STAR) "Looks at relatedness" placing organisms in groups
Describe Identification. (*****5 STAR) "Determining the unknown" Matching characteristics of unknown to known organisms.
Compare & contrast the three domains. (Answers split) Bacteria: -Prokaryotic cell -Peptidoglycan cell wall - Antibiotic sensitive -Has common rRNA
Compare & contrast the three domains. (Answers split) Archaea: -Prokaryotic cell -Cell wall varies in composition -No peptidoglycan -Not antibiotic sensitive -Lacking rRNA loop
Compare & contrast the three domains. (Answers split) Eukarya: -Eukaryotic -Cell type varies in composition -contains carbs -Not antibiotic sensitive -Lacking rRNA
What are the 3 Identification Methods? Morphological characteristics Differential staining Biochemical tests
Lytic cycle infection of DNA virus Attachment Penetration Biosynthesis Maturation Release
Lytic cycle infection of RNA virus Attachment Penetration Uncoating Biosynthesis Maturation Release
+sense RNA viruses Ready to make RNA
-sense RNA viruses complementary strand to positive strand
Created by: arichardson_14