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KS3 food webs

KS3 food webs and adaptations

Where do producers get their food and energy from? The producers use sunlight for photosynthesis
What sort of organism is a producer? A plant
what is a herbivore? an animal that feeds on plants
what is a omnivore? an animal that eats a variety of foods. Plants and animals
what is a carnivore? an animal that feeds on other animals
What are preys? Preys are organisms that get hunted by other organisms which are predators.
what are predators? Predators are organisms that hunt other organisms which are called prey
What is biomass? Biomass is the amount or weight of a living organism in the pyramid
Name the order of the producer and the consumers in a food chain? Producer, Primary consumer , Secondary consumer , Tertiary consumer
where are the producers in the food chain? Producers are at the start/ at the bottom of a food chain.
Draw a food web for lettuce, rabbit, fox lettuce --> rabbit --> fox {NOTE: make sure that the arrow goes FROM producer TO primary consumer]
Which way is the right way for an arrow in a food chain, away or towards the consumer? Towards
What group are always herbivores and which one is always carnivores? Primary consumers are herbivores and top predators are carnivores.
Is a primary consumer a carnivore, omnivore or a herbivore? Herbivore
Why is the primary consumer always a herbivore? The primary consumer eats the producer ie a plant so it has to be a herbivore.
What are the 3 types of consumers in the food chain? Primary, secondary and tertiary
What are the 4 layers on a food web? Producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer and tertiary consumer.
What would happen to the number of primary consumers if there was less producers (for example in the winter)? The other animals would because decrease in number as the primary consumer would have less to eat [NOTE: 1) EXPLAIN WHY numbers go down; 2) you can not say there would be “no primary consumers”, you must say “there would be LESS”]
how is energy lost along a food chain? it is lost through each tropic level because from primary secondary and tertiary all have to hunt for their food, wasting the energy they go
what is a trophic level? it is producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer and tertiary consumer
why is a pyramid of biomass a better representation than the pyramid of numbers? a pyramid of biomass is a more accurate indication of how much energy is passed on at each trophic level. A pyramid of number is a pyramid that shows the population of an organism in a food chain.
In a pyramid of numbers, if the bottom/producer level is smaller than the level for the primary consumer, what does that tell you? that the producer is a massive organism, probably a big tree
In a pyramid of numbers, if the top level is much larger than the previous level, what does that tell you? that the top level is for a very large number for a tiny creature, probably a parasite that feeds on the blood of the predator.
What is Adaptation? the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment
State one adaptation of an eagle SHARP eyesight to see the prey from far away; SHARP claws to capture and tear apart the prey; LARGE wings to hover for a long time [NOTE: 1) need to have an ADJECTIVE; 2) EXPLAIN how the adpatattion helps]
Created by: ursulinebio