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Lesson 4

Absolute Cell Reference A reference to a specific cell or range of cells regardless of where the formula is located in the worksheet. An absolute cell reference uses a dollar sign in front of the column and row markers in a cell address
Calculation Operator Operators that specify the calculations to be preformed
Cell Reference A reference that identifies a cell's location in the worksheet based on its row number and column letter
Constant A number or text value entered directly into a formula
External Reference A cell or range in a worksheet in another Excel workbook, or a defined name in another workbook
Formula An equation that performs calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, on values in a worksheet
Mixed Cell Reference A cell reference that uses an absolute column or row reference, but not both
Named Range A group of cells, and occasionally a single cell, with a designated name
Nested Parentheses Parentheses inside of parentheses within a formula
Operand An element that identifies the values to be used in a calculation
Order of Operations The rules Excel follows to calculate any formula that contains two or more operations
Relative Cell Reference A cell reference that adjusts the cell identifier automatically if you insert or delete columns or rows, or if you copy the formula to another cell
Scope The location within which Excel recognizes a named range, which is either a specific worksheet or the entire workbook. If you set the scope of a named range to Workbook, you can reference the named range on any sheet in the workbook
Value A number, a cell address, a date, text, or boolean data in Excel. Regarding formulas, it is usually a number or cell address
Variable A symbol or name that represents something else; it can be a cell address, a range of cells, and so on
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