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Medical Emergencies

Chapter 5-7

Acute Allergic Reaction an immediate response or symptoms appearing within a few hours
Allergen a substance that can produce a hypersensitive response in the body
Anaphylactic Shock a severe, and sometimes fatal, allergic reaction characterized by respiratory distress and hypotension, leading to cardiovascular collapse
Anaphylactoid Reaction idiosyncratic reactions that occur on the initial exposure to a particular drug or agent rather than after sensitization
Atopy having a genetic predisposition to develop an allergy to a substance; usually allergy to several substances is present
Complement an enzymatic serum protein that causes lysis of a cell
Dyspnea labored or difficult breathing
Erythematous having a red appearance, caused by dilation of superficial blood vessels
Hypersensitivity an abnormal condition characterized by an excessive reaction to a particular stimulus, such as allergy
Hypersensitivity Reaction an inappropriate an excessive response of the immune system to a sensitizing antigen; an antigen-antibody reaction; al allergic reaction
Innocuous harmless
Sensitization an acquired reaction in which specific antibodies develop in response to an antigen
Somatitis ulcerations within the mouth
Urticaria skin reactions characterized by itching, elevation of tissues (hives) with well-defined erythematous margins
Vesicles small fluid-filled blisters
Antibiotic Prophylaxis use antibiotics to prevent infection in cardiac valves
Bacteremia the presence of bacteria in the circulation; capable of being transferred to distant sites within the body
Hematogenous spreading via the bloodstream
Immunosupression a condition characterized by a reduced immune response, resulting in reduced healing and increased risk of infection
Innocuous harmless
Sympathomimetic having actions of the sympathetic nervous system, stimulation results in increased blood pressure and increased heart rate
Total Joint Replacment replacement of a joint, such as a hip, knee, elbow, finger, or ankle
Bidis filter-less cigarettes from India and Southeast Asia, containing nicotine, but sold in a variety of flavors
Coanalgesia using more than one drug for pain relief
Controlled Substances narcotics or drugs affecting the CNS that lead to addiction; these drugs are controlled by the DEA and can only be prescribed when a DEA number has been received by the prescriber
CVD cardiovascular disease
Hemostasis procedures to stop bleeding or encourage clot formation
IE infective endocardiditis
MI myocardial infarction (heart attack)
Substance Abuse the overuse of substances to modify or control mood or state of mind in a manner that is illegal or harmful to oneself or others
Sympathoimetic having actions of the sympathetic nervous system, stimulation results in increased blood pressure and increased heart rate
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