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Bio I Ch. 14

Ch. 14.3

True or False Genetic tests are now available for hundreds of disorders making it possible for parents to consider the risk of passing on defective alleles. True
What is it called when DNA is used to identify individuals? DNA fingerprinting
Name the ongoing effort to analyze and map the human DNA sequence. The Human Genome Project
Name the technique of replacing an absent or faulty gene with a normal working gene. gene therapy
Can a colorblind female have a normal color vision son? No
What is being used to transfer a healthy copy of a gene into cells with defective genes? virus
What is the approximate probability that a human offspring will be female? 50%
What is shown in a karyotype? homologous chromosomes, sex chromosomes, and autosomes
Does BB and Bi result in the same blood phenotype? yes
If you have PKU, did you inherit a recessive allele from each parent? yes
A boy who has hemophilia inherited the disorder from his _______________. mother
A person can be tested for the allele that causes Tay-Sachs disease because the ___________________ of that allele is different from that of the normal allele. DNA sequence
A(n) ________ can be used to determine whether a person has inherited the normal number of chromosomes. karyotype
Which blood type alleles are codominant? A and B
Which blood type alleles are not codominant? A and i or B and i
People who have sickle cell disease inherited ________ copy(ies) of the sickle cell allele. two
A man who does not have hemophilia and a woman who is a carrier of the disorder have a son. What is the probability that their son has hemophilia? 50%
Name the condition of XXY sex chromosomes. Klinefelter's syndrome
Name the condition of XO sex chromosomes. Turner's syndrome
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