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Bio I Ch. 14

Ch. 14.2

The chromosomes that determine the sex of the offspring are called _____________. sex chromosomes
Genes found on the X and Y chromosome are referred to as ___________________ genes. sex-linked
Duchenne muscular dystrophy, melanoma, colorblindness, and hemophilia are all carried on the ________ chromosome. X
Why are there more color blind, and hemophiliac males than females? Men only need to inherit one recessive allele on the X chromosome where females need to inherit two.
Name the disorder in which you could bleed to death from a minor cut or bump. hemophilia
Name the disorder in which there is a progressive weakening and loss of skeletal muscle. Duchenne muscular dystrophy
In females, random parts of the X chromosome are switch off. The inactive X regions are called _____________________. Barr bodies
Failure of paired chromosomes to separate during mitosis or meiosis is called _________________. nondisjunction
If the chromosomes fail to separate, you might end up with an extra chromosome. This is known as a _____________________. trisomy
If the chromosomes fail to separate, you might end up with one chromosome. This is known as a _____________________. monosomy
Extra chromosome number #21 is referred to as _________________. Down syndrome
Name the condition of having one X chromosome only. Turner's syndrome
Name the condition of having XXY chromosomes. Klinefelter's syndrome
Can an individual survive without an X chromosome? No
Cats with three colors are almost always what sex? female
What gene is found on the Y chromosome that determines the male sex? testis-determining factor
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