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Vocab 1

Hostile Angry and threatening showing ill will
Thrifty Tending to save money
Hasty Done or made in a hurry without thought
Sentimental Marked by felling
Indifferent Not having a opinion one way or another
Remote Very far away or distant Isolated from everything
Lighthearted Free from worry Carefree and cheerful
Eerie Causing fear
Bewildered To confuse especially with a great many things to do
Triumphant Victorious Rejoycing + cheering
Persistance Contiuning, existing,
Pessimistic A belif that there is more evil than good
Treacherous Dangerous or life threatning
Distress To cause worry or trouble
Sarcatic A remark made usally to hurt someones feelings
Abundant More than enough, a surplus
Ingenious Showing special intelligence or cleverness
Optimistic Always seeing the good in every situation
Prestigious Very important or a high honor
Insecure Uncertain or lacking confidence
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