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Marine Biology

Module 12 Test

Benthos marine organisms that live on the sea bottom
Nekton swim strongly enough to move against the current
Plankton cannot move strongly enough against the current so they float along
Would the sediment particle sizes be smaller or larger in turbulent waters? the current washes away the fine particles and leaves mainly sand (so larger)
What kind of organisms would live in benthos? infauna - bury themselves, epifauna - organisms above the sediment, meiofauna - microscopic organisms in between the sediment particles
At least 3 differences between the muddy bottom shelf community and the sandy bottom shelf community muddy - finer sediment, close particles so less oxygen, more organic matter; sandy - larger sediment, more oxygen, less organic matter
Is the soft bottom shelf community vegetated or unvegetated? needs to attach to a hard substrate so unvegetated
Know what kind of plant has actual roots - algae vs. sea grass sea grasses
understand what role sea grasses play in that particular community their decomposed leaves provide food not the plant
a shelf community has very little in fauna, do you think algae or sea grasses most likely grow there? algae (in fauna are more common in a soft bottom shelf community, epifauna in hard bottom shelf community - algae grow on hard surface)
A couple ways an algae can defend itself from a grazer foul tasting chemical, leather exterior (really tough)
What kind of environment and conditions kelp needs to grow? needs a lot of sunlight
third dimension of a canopy (kelp forest) Why is it important to kelp organism? forms upper part (allows more organisms to inhabit further up the surface) provides more living spaces
A lot of dead kelp washing up the shore; what is the reason for this? If there is a sea urchin population explosion, when that happens and they’re hungry the go for the holdfast of the kelp
Difference between the sporophyte generation and gameophyte generation and which one is larger Sporophyte is larger; two chromosomes is diploid is from the sporophyte, Gameophyte is microscopic (can't even see it)
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