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Kingdom Protist

Cilia Short hair protist.
flagella Tail whip like.
Pseudopod Temporary cytoplasmic projection or "false foot".
Passive/ non motile Organism depends on water, air or other organisms to carry them around.
Conjugation Sexual process in which two organisms exchange genetic info.
Protist Reproduction? Asexual reproduction by mitosis/binary fission.
Autotroph Organism that makes its own food using sunlight or chemicals.
Algal Bloom Increase in algae due to excessive waste in ecosystem.
Hetertroph An organism that obtains energy by consuming other things.
Amoebs Capture and digest food using pseuopod.
Food Vacuole Small cavity that temporarily stores food.
Slime Molds Thrive on decaying organic matter.
Water Molds Absorbs molecules released by other organisms.
Symbiosis Close long term relationship between two species.
Mutualism Two Species benefit.
Trichonympha Live in gut of termites and helps digest food.
Parasitism Parasite benefits, host is harmed.
Malaria Caused by plasmodium, spread by anopheles mosquito.
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