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Micro Hybird Bates

Chapter Test 2 Review Chapter 6-Vocabulary

Colony Population of cells that arises from a single cell often called a "Colony-Forming unit"
Psychrophiles Cold loving microbes
Mesophiles Moderate temp loving microbes
Thermophiles Heat loving microbes
Plasmolysis Loss of water from a cell in hyper-tonic environment
Halophiles Organism that requires a high salt concentration for growth
Acidiophiles Grow in acidic environments, below pH 4
Obligate aerobes Organism that require molecular oxygen to live
Facultative anaerobes An organism that can grow with or w/o molecular oxygen
Obligate anaerobes An organism that does not use molecular O2 and is killed in the presence of O2
Aerotolerant anaerobes Cannot use O2 for growth but tolerate it fairly well. (ex. pickles & cheese)
Microaerophiles An organism that grows best in an environment with less molecular O2 than is normally found in air
Biofilms A microbial community that usually forms a slimy layer on a surface (plaque on teeth, rock in pond)
CFU Visible bacterial colonies on solid media
Dilution Reducing the concentration of a chemical
Turbidity The cloudiness of a suspension
Created by: arichardson_14