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Vertebrate Zoology


Skeleton of Chondrichthyans Cartilaginous; Dermal carapace in scales; Placoid scales; Origin of teeth
Teeth of Chondrichthyans Teeth whorls; Continuous replacement; Loosely attached to connective tissue in dermis; Replaced every eight days
Soft Tissue of Chondrichthyans Large, lipid-filled liver; High urea concentration
Stem Elasmobranchs Extinct; Terminal mouth; Cladoselache in predatory form; Stethacanthus with scaled fin and head plates; Damocles and Falcatus with dorsal spines hinting at sexual selection
Neoselachii includes Selachii, with chemosensory organs, topetum lucidum;(Galeomorph and Squalomorph); Batoidea with pectoral wings, four gills, spirode gills, no scales and crushing teeth
Galeomorph Selachii; Shallow water; Great size;
Squalomorph Selachii; Dark, deep water; Small and less derived body; Small brain
Holocephali Diverged well before Neoselachii; Basic features like the liver, skeleton, and high urea content; Only four gills covered with operculum and no spiracle
Created by: LionsandGiants