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air to express publicly
air a manner or way of behaving that creates a mood or gives a certain impression
air atmosphere or quality
answerable considered to be responsible for something
aside a remark made quietly to a listener or listeners that others present are not supposed to hear
aside words spoken by an actor that others onstage supposedly did not hear
champion to fight for, support, or defend someone or something
champion one who fights for another or for a cause; a supporter or defender
contain to hold back; to keep within fixed limits
list to tilt to one side
moving affecting the emotions; causing strong feelings
novel new and unusual
practice to make a habit of; to do regularily
practice to work at a profession
practice a usual action or custom
practice the exercise of a profession; a business based on a particular profession
reserved not showing one's thoughts and feelings; self-controlled
saddle to weigh down with a duty or responsibility
slight to fail to pay proper attention or respect to; to treat as unimportant
slight a rude act that involves treating someone or something as not worthy of respect or consideration
trying hard to bear due to strain on one's patience
utter complete; total
will the mental power to make decisions and act; determination
will desire, purpose, or choice
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