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Lesson 2


Auto Fill An Excel feature that automatically fill cells with data, formatting, or both
AutoComplete An Excel feature that automatically enter the remaining characters of an entry when the first few typed characters match an entry made previously
Copy To duplicate data from a worksheet to the clipboard
Cut To remove from a worksheet. Cut data may be pasted into a new location or locations in a worksheet
Fill Handle A small square in the lower, right corner of a selected cell or range of cells. used mainly to copy data to adjacent cells
Flash Fill A tool identified with symbols such as dotted, dashed, or solid lines that fill the space before tabs
Formula Bar A bar located between the ribbon and the worksheet in which users can edit the contents of a cell
Keyword A word assigned to a document's properties that makes it easier to organize and find documents
Label Text entered in a worksheet that identifies numeric data and is the most common type of text entered in a worksheet. Labels are also used to sort and groups data
Move Pointer A mouse pointer that enables users to drag a cell or range of cells to a new location, replacing any existing data in the destination cells
Office Clipboard A location that collects and stores up to 24 copied or cut items that are then available to be used in the active workbook, in other workbooks, and in other Office Programs
Paste To insert data from the Clipboard to a new location in a worksheet
Range A group of adjustments cells you select to preform operations on all of the selected Cells
Selecting text Highlighting text that is to be changed
WorkBook Properties Items you directly change, such as keyword
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