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Supplement notes

Bulk flow, Diffusion, Osmosis, Tonicity, and Filtraion

Define Bulk flow all molecules move together in same direction at the same time
Bulk flow is caused by...? -Difference in potential energy. (Always from high potential energy to low potential energy) -Difference in pressure. (Always from high pressure to low pressure)
Bulk flow can move large numbers of molecules *blank* distances, *blank* quickly. Long - Very
Define diffusion random thermal motion
The *blank* the molecules are, the faster they move. warmer
The bigger the molecules are, the *blank* they move. slower
Diffusion is the (3 things) -Net movement of molecules by random thermal motion -From an area of high concentration -To an area of lower concentration
Dynamic equilibrium -net movement of dye molecules will continue until all dye molecules are evenly distributed throughout the test tube
At dynamic equilibrium there is *blank* of dye molecules even though there is just as much random thermal motion as before. no net movement
The number of molecules diffusing is proportional to what 2 things? -the difference in concentration, and surface area across which the molecules can move.
How fast does it take diffusion to move large numbers of molecules over SHORT distances? very quickly
How fast does it take diffusion to move large numbers of molecules over LONG distances? very slowly
Osmosis is the (4 things) -Net movement of water molecules by random thermal motion -From area of greater water concentration -Across a selectively permeable membrane -To area of lesser water concentration
define Hyperosmotic if solution A has more solute particles per liter than solution B, then we say that A is... to B
define Hyposmotic if solution B has fewer solute particles per liter than A, we say B is... to A
define Isosmotic if two solutions have the same solute concentrations, we say they are...
define Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure created by the weight of a column of water pushing down on the bottom of the container.
Tonicity -compares concentration of nonprenetrating solute in solution to nonpenetrating solute concentration in cytoplasm of cell -the solution is always compared to cell. Cell is never compared to solution -refers to condition of cell when cell has reached dyn
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