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Nilai Murni Words

Bahasa Malaysia

menghargai appreciate
Selain itu other than that
hendaklah want, should
haruslah should
mestilah must
ilmu knowledge
berita news
seterusnya Next
patutlah should
bakat talent
wajarlah fair, fairly
rasional rational
memupuk build feelings, nurture
pupuk nurture, care, protect
masyarakat community
cemerlang excellent, brilliant
berilmu have knowledge, knowledgeable
adil fair, just
amanah trust
berani bold, brave
berazam, bercita-cita have a dream, a resolution
berjimat-cermat save money, thrifty
bersimpati sympathetic
bersopan-santun, peramah courteous, kindhearted
bersyukur be grateful
bertolenransi tolerant
ikhlas sincere
jujur honest
kebebesan freedom, independence
keserderhanaan simple
mematuhi (patuh) undang-undang follow the law
patuh (mematuhi) abide by, follow, not break (the rules)
undang-undang rules
alam sekitar environment, nature
Created by: azmizi