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Modern Mammal Feeding

Types of Feeding Insectivory, Carnivory, Herbivory, Omnivory
Insectivory Procumbent incisors to dig; Short Digestive Tract; No caecum; Myrmecophagy with reduced dentition, peglike teeth, long tongue; Venomous saliva
Carnivory Strong jaws, skull, and teeth; Sharp incisors and canines; Carnassial teeth; Short digestive tract; Lack caecum; Sanguinivory with removed rostrum, small cheek teeth, groove tongue; Piscivory with teeth for grasping and holding
Herbivory Browsers and grazed; Gnawers; Reduced or absent canines; Broad molars; Long intestines; Rely on microorganism breakdown; Foregut and Hindgut Fermintation
Foregut Fermintation Herbivory; 3-4 Chambers; Ruman for fermintation; Reticulum for absorption of nutrients; Omasum for water absorption; Abomasum; Recycle urine; Can leave and chew elsewhere;
Hindgut Fermintation Herbivory; Large quantities of food; Better for poor quality foods
Herbivory Specializations Granivory; Frugivory;Nectorivory; Gumivory; Mycophagy
Omnivores Versatile dentition; Short digestive track; Small and short caecum
Food Hoarding Burying; Dens; Waterholes
Created by: LionsandGiants