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Majors plant: Fields within the field of botany

Morphogenesis The process of cells changing into what their job, shape, and/or size is going to be
Botany The study of Kingdom Plantae
Dendrochronology The study of the width of tree rings to help understand past climate conditions
Plant Geography The study of how/why plants are distributed the way they are
Plant Morphology The study of shape, size, etc.
Mycology The study of Kingdom Fungi
Plant Genetics The study of plant heredity
Plant Taxonomy The science of classifying and naming organisms
Phycology The study of plant-like protistians collectively called algae
Plant Cytology The study of the cell's cytoplasm
Plant Ecology The study of the interaction of plants with one another and with their environment
Plant Anatomy The study of a plant's external and internal structure from the cellular all the way to the organ level
Plant Physiology The study of a plant's overall function from cellular to organ level (includes all metabolic activities)
Cell Biology The study of the structure and function of the cell (organelles and fluid)
Paleobotany The study of plant fossils
Plant Evolution (phylogeny) The study of how life forms change over time
Ethnobotany Field that looks at practical uses of plants and plant products
Microbiology The study of Kingdom Monera (ie Eubacteria and Archaebacteria)
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