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Excel 1.01

Key Terms

Active Cell A cell that is highlighted or outlined by a bold black rectangle. This is also called the current or highlighted cell.
Backstage View A view that shows you behind-the-scenes options for managing files such as opening, saving, printing, and documenting files.
Cell A box on the gird identified by the intersection of a column and a row.
Column Cells that run from top to bottom in a worksheet and are identified by letters.
Command Tabs Task-Oriented tabs that are organized on the ribbon
Dialog Box Launcher An arrow in the lower, right corner of some command groups on the ribbon that opens a dialog box related to the command group
FILE tab In office 2013, the tab that takes you to the backstage view to access Save, Print, Options, and other commands
Help Systems A system in Excel that is rich in information, illustrations, and tips that can help you complete any task as you create worksheets and workbooks
Key Tip Small "Badges" displaying keyboard shortcuts for specific tabs and commands on the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar. Also referred to as hotkeys
NameBox Located below the ribbon at the left end of the formula bar. When a user types a cell location into this box and presses Enter, the insertion point moves to that cell
Quick Access Toolbar A toolbar that gives you fast and easy access to the tools you use most often in Excel
Ribbon A broad band that runs across the top of the Excel window that organizes commands and tools into an easy-to-use interface. The ribbon was introduced in Office 2007
Row A line of cells that start at the left edge of a worksheet, continue to the right, and are identified by numbers
Screen Tips A small, onscreen rectangle that displays descriptive text when you rest the pointer on a command or control
WorkBooks A collection of worksheets in a single file
WorkSheet A page in a workbook that consists of a grid of rows and columns in which you can enter text, values, and formulas, and perform calculations.
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