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Bella Nat 5

N5 Unit 3 part 5 Human Impact on Environment

Why are humans having to increase food production? Because of the increase in the Human Population
What are the 2 main methods of increasing food production? 1. Increasing the area of land dedicated to raising crops & 2. Increasing the efficiency of crop yield.
What is a major environmental consequence of increasing the area of land dedicated to growing crops 1. Deforestation OR 2. Habitat destruction OR 3. Desertification
What do plants need Nitrates for? To make Protein
What 2 types of Chemicals are used to increase food productivity (Crop Yeild)? 1. Fertilisers & 2. Pesticides
What is an environmental consequence of fertiliser use? Fertilisers Leaching (leaking) into fresh water causing Algal bloom
What effect do algal blooms have on Biodiversity? Reduces Biodiversity
How do algal blooms reduce Biodiversity? 1. Reduce light entering water 2. Less photosynthesis 3. Less oxygen produced 4. Death of fish
What effect does death of fish haveon bacteria numbers? Bacteria increase
What effect does bacterial increase have on aquatic (water) oxygen Decreases aquatic Oxygen
What are Indicator species? Species that by their presence or absence indicate environmental quality/pollution levels
What is an Environmental Consequence of Pesticide use? Accumulates in the bodies of organisms over time
What is the name for Chemicals (pesticides) building up in organisms over time? Bioaccumulation
What is an alternative to using Pesticides? Biological control
What is an alternative to using fertilisers? Genetic Modification of crops
Give an example of Biological control Increasing ladybird numbers to kill greenfly
Created by: nscobie