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4 organic molecules lipid, carbohydrates, protein, and nucleic acid
whats a lipid made of 3 fatty acids and one glycerol
whats a carbohydrate made of sugars and starches
protein has amino acids
nucleic acid is made of nucleotide > DNA + RNA
what are the 4 inorganic molecules base(8-14), acid(0-6), water and salt
living things are biotic
nonliving things are abiotic
organic molecules would contain which major elements carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen (CHON)
the formula for photosynthesis is CO2 + H2O + SUNLIGHT > O2 + GLUCOSE
when O2 is released where does it go into the environment
what could the plant use O2 for cellular respiration
what is the formula for cellular respiration O2 + GLUCOSE > CO2 + H2O + ATP(36 ATP)
define mitosis deals with somatic body cells
define meiosis deals with the devision of sex cells
mitosis key points ~1 division ~2 daughter cells ~identical(2n, 46 char.) ~doesn't go through synapsis ~body cells ~six stages ~asexual
meiosis key points ~disjunction,synapsis,crossing over ~2 divisions ~4 daughter cells ~4n, 23 chr.~goes through synapsis ~gonads(ovaries and testes) ~10 stages ~ sexual
define evolution change over time
when crossing over occurs in meiosis how will this effect the rate of evolution it will create genetic variation and the rate of evolution would increase
which would affect evolution more asexual or sexual reproduction and why sexual because you are combining 2 different genetic sequences creating variation (crashing over) > speeding up evolution
what happens if DNA is altered a mutation occurs
define independent variable the variable that is being changed
define dependent variable the variable being measured
define constants always will stay the same
define control not being tested, used as a COMPARISON
during fertilization we get ____ the chromosomes from mom and ____ the chromosomes from dad 23 or half / 23 or half
when a zygote forms they will restore the number of chromosomes which will be ____ 46
function of the placenta provides nutrients for developing embryo, nutrients + O2 to embryo , exchange wastes - H2O, CO2 + nitrogenous wastes
what else may be passed through membrane by diffusion alcohol and drugs
why do enzymes only work with certain substrates they have to fit into each other + be specific
which hormones will be produced by the ovary estrogen and progesterone
order pituitary, hypothalamus, testosterone, and testes hypothalamus, pituitary, testes, testosterone
order menstruation, ovulation, follicle stage, and corpus luteum follicle stage, ovulation, corpus luteum, menstruation
why do hormones act on specific types of target cells because they are very specific + target cells have receptors that recognize the hormones
explain why a skin cell and a nerve cell that have the same genetic information can specialize or differentiate to preform different functions in different locations all cells have the same DNA but in different locations, different parts of the DNA, (gene segments) are used causing the cells to differentiate, (FSH and LH are produced by pituitary
a new concept that is tested in a scientific investigation is known as the hypothesis
a biologist in a lab reports a new discovery based on experimental results. if the results are valid, biologists in other labs should be able to... repeat the same experiment and obtain the same results
in an experiment what should be the relations ship between the control group and the experimental group they should be identical in all respects but one
graphs fro laboratory investigations are used to observe general trends in data
a student conducted an original well-designed experiment carefully following proper scientific procedure. in order for conclusions to become generally accepted the experiment must be repeated several times to verify the reliability of the data
explain why some cells in a females body respond to reproductive hormones while other cells do not very specific, have to fit together (receptors)
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