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Maintain Temperature

Methods of Heat transfer, Ectotherms and Endotherms

Where do metabolic reactions happen? (Biggest source of heat) In the liver
Define conduction How heat transfers from one object to another
Define convection Heat transfers between an organism and an air current
Define Radiation Heat is released as a wave from a hot oject
Define Evaporation Heat is lost when water changes from liquid to a gas (sweat)
What is an ectotherm? an animal whose body temperature changes depending on the temperature of the environment
What is an endotherm? an animal who can maintain a stable body temperature internally
Which groups of vertebrate animals are ectotherms? Cold-blooded: Fish, Amphibians (frog, newt), Reptiles
which groups of vertebrae animals are endotherms? Mammals and birds
An advantage of being and endotherm? Live in a variety of environments
A disadvantage of being an endotherm? More energy required to live (need food).
Are dogs endotherms or ectotherms? And why? Endotherms because even though they don't sweat, they shiver and have fur to keep them warm
What glands keep endotherms cool? Sweat glands
Why are ectotherms more limited in their choice of environment? They are dependent on the environmental temperature.
What centre in the brain communicates messages? Thermoregulatory centre
What 2 sensors or detectors pick up a change in outward temperature in a human Hypothalamus (as blood passes through the brain) and the skin.
What is the effector of feeling too hot? Sweating
What is it called when the body returns to optimum conditions? Response
What is it called when the smooth muscle in the arterioles constrict when the body is too cold? Vasoconstriction
What is it called when the smooth muscle in the arterioles relax when the body is too hot? Vasodilation
What do the erector pili muscles do when the body is too cold and what happens? Contract - the hairs on the arm stand up
What do the glands secrete when the body is too cold and why? Adrenaline and thyroxine which increase the metabolic rate.
What do the skeletal muscles produce when the body is too cold? Shivering
What is considered to be the normal body temperature? 37C
What do the glands stop releasing when the body is too hot? Adrenaline and thyroxine
How is the skin adapted to regulate temperature? (Name 5 things) 1.It has hair 2.Thick layer of fat 3.Sweat glands 4. Capillary network 5.Thermoreceptors
What happens to the blood during vasocontriction? Blood flows deep down so that little heat is lost
What happens to the blood during vasodilation? Arterioles dilate so that blood flows closer to the skin causing heat loss through skin.
Created by: saltpopcorn