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Bella Nat 5 Biology

Unit 3 part 4

What is Natural Selection The survival of the organisms best ADAPTED to their surroundings
What is a SPECIES A group of organisms that look similar and can reproduce resulting in FERTILE offspring
Name 3 Isolating Mechanisms Geographical & Ecological & Reproductive Isolation
Give an example of Reproductive Isolation Different breeding seasons OR Different Courtship behaviour
Give an example of Geographic Isolation Rivers OR Seas OR Mountains OR Deserts separating sub-populations
Give an example of Ecological Isolation Sub-populations live in different habitats within an ecosystem and don’t mix OR one sub-population is tolerant to an Abiotic factor the other sub-population can’t tolerate and so they do not mix
What is a Niche The role an organism plays within an Ecosystem
Give an example of Adaptive Radiation the beaks of Darwin’s Finches OR the Pentadactyl Limb of mammals
What process has led to Antibiotic resistance due to over prescription Natural Selection
What caused the Melanic form of the Peppered Moth to appear Mutation
What process makes it unlikely for the Melanic Peppered Moth to be found in the country side Natural Selection
Name an Organism threatened with extinction due to mankind’s activities Panda OR Polar bear OR Black Rhinoceros etc.
Name 2 Conservation Mechanisms Wildlife Reserve OR Captive Breeding Programme OR Gamete/Seed Cell Storage Banks
What characteristic of Bacteria behaviour results in a high mutation rate High reproduction rate
Created by: nscobie