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speech words

minimal pair r words

Another word for match is a pair
What do we climb in our houses? stairs
What covers many 4-legged mammals? fur
What do cats do? purr
What do you do to hot soup so it doesn't burn? stir
What shines in the sky at night? star
Where do you shop? store
What do you do with a car? steer
What do firefighters put out? fire
What number comes after three? four
Where do people go to get their animals judged? fair
What do people have in them if they are scared? fear
What do people brush? hair
What does the boss do to a new employee? hire
What is the opposite of him? her
What do your ears do? hear
What are the number of swings you're to take while golfing? par
What can you do with a pitcher of water? pour
What is one of four things on your car? tire
What can you do with paper? tear
If you're crying, what can fall from your eye? tear
What is the past tense of tear (paper)? tore
What black coating do they put on streets? tar
Created by: lcherf