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Pre-fixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

-ist person who deals with...
-itis inflammation, disease
-ium refers to a part of the body
-kary- cell nucleus
kel- tumor, swelling
kerat- horn
kilo- thousand
kine- move
lachry- tear
lact- milk
lat- side
leio- smooth
-less without
leuc-, leuk- white, bright, light
lign- wood
lin- line
lingu- tongue
lip- fat
lith-, -lite stone, petrifying
loc- place
-log- word, speech
-logist one who studies...
-logy study of...
lumin- light
-lys-, -lyt-, -lyst decompose, split, dissolve
macr- large
malac- soft
malle- hammer
mamm- breast
marg- border, edge
mast- breast
med- middle
meg- million, great
mela-, melan- black, dark
-mer part
mes- middle, half, intermediate
met-, meta- between, along, after
-meter, -metry measurement
micro- small, millionth
milli- thousandth
iso equal, same
Created by: RJ Dover