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S2 Microbiology

What is a Microbe A microscopic, single celled organism
Name the three main types of Microbe Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses
Which of the three main types of Microbe is the smallest? Viruses
Give an example of a Virus Ebola, HIV, Flu, Cold, Chichen pox, Measles
Which type of the main types of Microbe is affected by Antibiotics Bacteria
What does Sensitive to antibiotics mean? Killed by them
What does Resistant to antibiotics mean Not Killed by them
Give an example of a Fungus Yeast
In what processes do human use Yeast Baking OR Brewing
What do yeast use as a food Sugar
What gas does Yeast produce during Baking or Brewing Carbon dioxide
Why is gas production useful in Baking Causes dough to rise
Other than a gas what else is produced by Yeast in Baking and what happens to it during baking Alcohol which Evaporates
Name a harmful condition that arises from a Fungal infection Atheletes Foot OR Thrush
Name a harmful Bacterium Ecoli OR Salmonella
What 2 useful Dairy products are made using Bacteria Yogurt and Cheese
What is the name of the Sugar in Milk Lactose
What do bacteria convert milk sugar into Lactic Acid
Name 2 Elements that are recycled through the action of Bacteria Carbon & Nitrogen
What do you call chemicals or medicine that kills Bacteria Antibiotics
What does Sterile mean Free from Microbes
What piece of equipment is used in Laboratories to sterilise equipment Autoclave
Name one of the Physical Barriers your body has to stop Microbes infecting you Skin OR Tears OR Mucus & Cilia OR Stomach Acid
What do "non-specific" blood cells kill Any microbe
What do "specific" blood cells kill A particular microbe only
Name a "non-specific" type of blood cell Macrophage
Name a "specific" type of blood cell Lymphocyte
What effect does lowering the temperature have on Microbes Slows their Growth
What effect does temperatures of over 121 degrees Celcius have on Microbes Kills them
What does "innate" mean Born with
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