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Micro Hybrid- Bates

Microbiology Exam 1 Chapt 1-5 Dr. Bates

Ehrlich, Paul Developed synthetic drug
Fleming, Alexander Discovered Penicillium
Hooke, Robert Observed cork and came up with the idea of cells
Jenner, Edward Performed the first vaccination for smallpox
Virchow, Rudolf Cells come from other cells
Koch, Robert Developed criteria to determine if a specific microbe causes a specific disease
Lister, Joseph Used chemical disenfectant for surgical wounds
Von Leeuwenhoek, Anton First person to observe bacteria using a microscope
bacillo- a little stick
chloro- green
amphi- around
a-, an- absence, lack
cocci- a berry
capsule organized glycocalyx
cell wall Provides cell support and prevents osmotic lysis
cytoplasm Semi-fluid iterior of a cell
Fimbria Used for attachment: short hair like
Flagella Used for movement; Long hair like
Nucleoid Localized area containg genetic material
nucleus Membrane container for genetic material
Pilus Allows exchange of genetic material
Porins Protein that facilitates the movement of molecules through a membrane
Ribosome Plays a role in building protein
Created by: arichardson_14