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Maya Words 1

Mayan Words and English Meanings

Nah House
Sa' Corn based drink - Atole
Na' Nose
Chi' Mouth
Hub Snail
Xanab Shoes
K'ab Mano
P'o' Wash
Áak Turtle
Ch'íich' Bird
K'áan hammock
Kéeh Deer
Míis Sweep
Chíin Crop (bird)
Tsíimin Horse
Sáamal Tomorrow
Xíimbal Walk
Péek Movement
Bèech' Quail
Chìich Grandmother
Ch'òom Buzzard
Kàax Chicken
Mìis Cat
Chàan Small
Ts'òon Rifle
Pèek' Dog
A'al To Say
Tu'ux Where
Ba'ax What
Bu'ul Bean
Suku'un Brother
Tú'ux Rabit
Ká'an Sky
Tó'on We
Té'ex You all
Bá'al Cosa
Máalob Good
Chà'an Party
Mò'ol hoof
K'ì'ik Blood
Puksì'ik'al Heart
Bà'ale' Pero
Tèen I
To'on We
Tèech You
Te'ex You all
Leti' He/She/It
Letio'ob They
Created by: RLHotchkiss