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Prefix/ Suffix #4

AP Bio Vocab Week 4

hipp- horse
hist- tissue
holo- entire; whole
homo- man
homo- same
hort- garden
hybrid combination of two of more things
hydr- water
hygr- wet
hypo- beneath
hyper- above
hypho- weaving
hypno- sleep
-ic added to nouns to form adjectives
icthy- fish
ign- fire
im- not
in- to; toward; into
in- not
-ine of or pertaining to
infro- beneath
inter- between
intra- inside
-ion go; come
-ism a state or condition
iso- equal; same
-itis inflammation; disease
kilo- thousand
lachry- tear
lact- milk
lat- side; flank
-less without
leuc- white; bright
lign- wood
lin- line
lingu- tongue
liqu- liquid; become fluid
lip- fat
lith- stone; petrifying
-lite stone; petrifying
loc- place
-logy study
-lysis dissolve; decompose
-lyte dissolve; decompose
-lyst dissolve; decompose
macr- large
mal- bad; evil
malle- hammer
mamm- breast
marg- edge
mast- breast
med- middle
meg- million; great
mela- black; dark
melan- black; dark
mes- middle; half; intermediate
met- between; along; after
meta- between; along; after
meteor- lofty; high
-meter way of measuring
-metry way of measuring
metro- uterus
Created by: leah_topp