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Biology Final Sem. 1

Bio. Final packet "?'s"

Define Science Organized way of obtaining and analyzing evidence of the Natural World.
Characteristics of living things(8) 1. Cellular Organization. 5. Growth and Developement 2. Reproduction. 6. Homeostatsis 3.Genetic Material. 7. Metabolism 4. Response 8. Adaptation
3 Goals of Science 1. Provide explanations for events in the natural world. 2. Explanations for useful predictions. 3. To understand the world around us.
Define Extrapolation When data from an experiment is not within the graph.
Define Interpolation Data within a graph.
Enzyme function in cell Proteins that are biological catalyst that speed up a reaction.
Cell Theories Statement 1. All living things are made one of or more living cells. 2. Cells are the basic unit of structure and function of living things 3. New cells are produced only from exiting cells.
Plasma (cell) Membrane Function Regulates what enters or leaves the cell.
Cell Wall Function Regulates what enters or leaves the cell.
Nucleus Function Directs all cell activity and contains DNA.
Ribosome Function Makes Proteins.
Mitochondrion Fucntion Produces Energy for cell through cellular respiration
Chloroplast Function Traps energy from the sun to use in phtosynthesis to make chemical energy(sugar).
Define Diffusion. Requires Energy? A. Movement of molecules from region of higher concentration to lower. B. No
Define Osmosis. Requires Energy? A. Movement of water molecules across a semi permeable membrane. B. No
Define Active Transport. Requires Energy? A. Movement of molecules across the cell membrane B. Yes
Define Phenotype Trait physically visible. Dominant.
Define Nondisjunction Chromosomes get stuck together. Do not seperate during Prophase.
Define Genome Entire set of DNA(Codon).
Define Plasmids Small circular piece of DNA in bacteria
Steps Of Genetic Engineering 1.Extract DNA. 4. Re DNA to target Cells 2. Cut host DNA. 5. Clone Target Cells 3. Produce Recombinant DNA 6. Screen
Created by: VillegasC