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What are the types of protists? Plant-like protists, animal- like protists, and fungus- like protists.
Name the 4 groups of fungi Threadlike fungi, sac fungi, club fungi, and imperfect fungi.
What is a cuticle? A waxy coat that protects the plant from dehydration.
How do non vascular ( and one vascular) plants reproduce? By releasing spores into the air.
What is the sac on a sac fungi called? An ascus
Which group of fungi is made of mainly of parasites? Imperfect fungi
What are the thin threads that fungi are made of called? Hyphae
What is another name for animal- like protists? Protozoans
What are the kingdom characteristics for protists? Eukaryotic, unicellular, can be heterotrophic or autotrophic, no cell walls.
Name some plant- like protists. Green algae, brown algae, red algae,diatoms, dinoflagellas, and euglenoids.
What are the tiny hairs on protists called? Cilia
What are angiosperms? Flowering plants that reproduce through seeds.
What is the formula for photosynthesis? 6 Co2+ 6 H2o+ energy= C6H12O6 and 6O2
What are the parts of a plant cell? Cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, vacuole, and chloroplasts.
When do protists sexually reproduce? When food and water are polluted or running low.
What are lichens made of? An alga and a fungus growing together.
What group of fungi includes mushrooms? Club fungi
How do protists differ from bacteria? Protists are eukaryotic, and can sometimes be multicellular if they grow in colonies.
How fungus like protists similar to fungi? They decompose in order to get food.
What characteristics do animal- like protists have? They can move and eat food.
Created by: Nyankip