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Chapter 5

Block Scheduling An approach to class scheduling in which students take fewer classes each school day but spend more time in each class
Civic Learning (Civic Education) A part of social studies that emphasizes preparing students to be good citizens by becoming aware of our common heritage and engaging issues related to character and value
Content Standards Statements of the subject-specific knowledge and skills that schools are expected to teach and students are expected to learn
Cooperative Learning An instructional approach in which students work together in groups to achieve learning goals
Core Curriculum A common course of study for all students, often called for by essentialist reforms in the 1980s
Critical Thinking The object analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement
Cultural Literacy (core knowledge) Being aware of the central ideas, stories, scientific knowledge, events, and personalities of a culture
Curriculum All the organized and intended experiences of the student for which the school accepts responsibility
Differentiated Instruction A variety of techniques used to adapt instruction to the individual ability levels and learning styles of each student in the classroom
Interdisciplinary Curriculum (integrated) A curriculum that integrates the subject matter from two or more disciplines, such as English and history, often using themes such as inventions, discoveries, or health as overlays to the study of the different subjects
Looping An educational practice of multiyear teaching in which the teacher follows students to the next grade level and stays with the group for several years
Multicultural Curriculum Several approaches to multicultural curriculum exist, but at its essence it promotes an understanding of an appreciation for cultural pluralism
Phonics An approach to reading that teaches the reader to "decode" words by sounding out letters and combinations of letters
Problem Solving The process of either presenting students with a problem or helping them to identify a problem, and then observing and helping them become aware of the conditions, procedures, or steps needed to solve the problem
Project Approach An instructional method through which students engage in an in-depth investigation of a real world topic worthy of their attention and effort
Subject-matter Curriculum A curriculum that focuses on bodies of content or subject matter, usually the traditional subject disciplines
Tracking The homogeneous grouping of students for learning tasks on the basis of some measures of their abilities
Whole Language Approach A teaching approach emphasizing the integration of language art skills and knowledge across the curriculum
Writing Across the Curriculum An instructional approach using writing as a tool for learning in all subjects
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