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ATS-Science 7

Genetics Unit

The passing on of traits from an organism to its offspring is called __________. Heredity
What is the basic units of heredity that carry traits?__________ Genes
When a gene is neither doninant nor recessive, and it appears to blend, it is called a __________ gene. Incomplete Dominance
Who was the famous person who studied the inheritance pattern of pea plants? Gregor Mendel
If two heterozygous plants are crossed...what _____% is heterozygous and what _____% is homozygous? 50% & 50%
What do you call the process by which sex cells are produced? Meiosis
A change in genes or chromosomes that causes a new trait to be inherited is called a __________. Mutation
The gender (male or female) is determined by what? X and Y Chromosomes
Which of the following are genotypes? round XY purple Rr tt female TT tall husky wrinkled XY Rr tt TT
Which of the following are phenotypes? round XY purple Rr tt female TT tall husky wrinkled round purple female tall husky wrinkled
The different forms of a gene are called __________? alleles
The shape of DNA is described as a _________ _________. double helix
What are the 4 bases of DNA? (ACGT) Adenine Cytosine Guanine Thymine
The steps or "rungs" of the DNA ladder are composed of bases. What are the four letters and how do they pair up (bond)? A-T or T-A and C-G or G-C
Which of these examples are a genetic disease or disorder? Down Syndrome Albino Chicken Pox Color Blindness Warts Malaria Down Syndrome Albino Color Blindness
Scientists can now make plants resistant to disease; do cloning; or create new food products. These are all examples of __________ __________. Genetic Engineering
A genotype that has 2 identical alleles for a trait is called __________. homozygous
How many cells do each sex cell contribute to produce offspring? 1/2 the normal amount
The essential molecule in living organisms that carries the genetic code is called __________. DNA
Genetic disorders are caused by __________ in the genes. mutations
No 2 people have the exact same DNA, except for __________ __________. Identical Twins
Which of these traits can be inheirited? eye color hair color personality IQ level blood type eye color hair color blood type
In DNA, adenine (A) will pair with _____. thymine (T) Cytosine (C) Guanine (G) Adenine (A) Thymine (T)
Which set of genes would be heterozygous (hybrid)? tt Rr T PP Tt Pp PP Rr Tt Pp
Which set of genes would be homozygous (true breed)? tt Rr T PP Tt Pp PP tt PP PP
In a heterozygous genotype, the stronger gene is called the __________ one. dominent
In a homozygous genotype, the weaker gene is called the __________ one. recessive
Who were the 2 people responsible for discovering the shape of DNA? Watson & Crick
Chromosomes are made of __________ & __________. DNA & Protein
The 2 products of photosynthesis are __________ & __________. Glucose & Oxygen
The rod-like, compressed form of DNA in the nucleus are called __________. Chromosomes
Name the person who took xray diffraction pictures of DNA pre-Watson & Crick is __________ __________. Rosalind Franklin
How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration related? They have opposite chemical reactions.
EDD SCENARIO- Title: Hypothesis: IV: Levels of IV: # of Trials: DV: Constants:
EDD SCENARIO- Title: Hypothesis: IV: Levels of IV: # of Trials: DV: Constants:
EDD SCENARIO- Title: Hypothesis: IV: Levels of IV: # of Trials: DV: Constants:
EDD SCENARIO- Title: Hypothesis: IV: Levels of IV: # of Trials: DV: Constants:
If a black guinea pig (BB) is MUST SEE crossed with a white guinea pig (bb), ACTUAL what % of the offspring will have black fur? FLASHCARD 100%
If you cross a tall plant with the genotype TT MUST SEE with a short plant with the genotype tt, ACTUAL the possible genotypes in the offspring are __? FLASHCARD Tt
What would the possible genotypes MUST SEE be in this Punnett Square? ACTUAL FLASHCARD Tall
Which statement is true about DNA: ? DNA stores hereditary information. ? Everyone has unique DNA. ? All animals of the same species have the same DNA. ? DNA is the code for life. -DNA stores hereditary information. -DNA is the code for life.
Created by: glink
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