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NHS 2014-2015

Biology Midterm-part B

Which cellular structure in an animal cell helps maintain homeostasis by controlling the transportation of substances into and out of the cell? the Cell Membrane
What is the result of meiosis? 4 unique daughter cells
What provides shape and protection to plant cells? Cell Wall
If animal cells want the most energy possible from glucose, they need __________molecules Oxygen
For the body to function properly, such as producing lactase to digest milk, the body relies on information from ____ DNA
As animals grow, what has increased in their bodies? the number of cells in their bodies
What is the step BEFORE forming an hypothesis? gathering information
After the tRNA brings the right amino acid to the ribosome and transfers the amino acid to the growing polypeptide chain, what happens? the process continues until a stop codon on the mRNA is reached, releasing the protein.
What is the common genetic component of a gorilla, a plant, and a paramecium? DNA
Which 3 organelles are involved in the SYNTHESIS and PACKAGING of proteins in an animal cell? Golgi Apparatus, Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, Ribosomes
in eukaryotic cells, which organelle carries out photosynthesis? chloroplasts
In eukaryotic cells, which organelle carries out cellular respiration? mitochondria
What is the main purpose of a VACUOLE in a plant cell? to store water and minerals
How do simple organic molecules form more complex molecules? organic compounds contain carbon atoms that are able to bond with one another easily. They can make long chains or rings.
Cancer cells cannot enter G0 phase so they do not repeat the cell cycle continuously
carbon dioxide + water + sunlight = Glucose + oxygen equation for photosynthesis
the process immediately FOLLOWING MITOSIS IS Cytokinesis
What process allows humans to exhale carbon dioxide? Cellular respiration
Defective p53 genes cause cells to undergo uncontrolled growth. Which type of disease could this cause? cancer
monosaccharides are carbohydrates
fatty acids are lipids
amino acids are proteins
nucleotides are nucleic acids
Created by: IAMGCS