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Def test 201 #2

Beveled Characterized by an angle of a surface that meets another angle
AutoMatrix Matrix system designed to establish a temporary interproximal wall for the restoration of a tooth surface without the use of a retainer
Cupping Form created by a concave tooth surface that has not been contoured properly
Mylar Brand name for a clear plastic strip used to provide a temporary wall for restoration of an anterior tooth
Septum Dental dam material located between the holes of the punched dam
Universal Retainer A dental device used to hold a matrix band in place during restoration of a class ll cavity
Analgesia Stage of anaesthesia in which the patient is relaxed and conscious
Diffuse To spread from an area of high concentration to one of low concentration
Overhang Excessive restorative material that extends beyond the cavity margin
Lumen The hollow centre of the injection needle
Axial Wall Internal surface of a cavity preparation positioned in the same vertical direction as the pulp within the tooth
Convenience Form Cavity preparation step that allows the dentist easier access when restoring a tooth
Diastema A space between two teeth
Outline Form Design and initial depth of sound tooth structure used by the dentist when restoring a tooth
Retention Form Shaping of the cavity walls to aid in retaining the restoration
Veneer Thin layer of composite resin or porcelain bonded or cemented to a prepared facial surface
Pupal Wall Surface of the cavity preparation perpendicular to the pulp of the tooth
Restorative Dentistry Type of dentistry that restores teeth by removing decay and restoring defects
Retention Pin Basis of a stronger system used to retain and support a tooth restoration
Cavity Perparation Process of decay removal and tooth design in preparation for restoring a tooth
Created by: ashleyi