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What is the cause of feline stomatitis? JVD Spring 2013 Inappropriate immune response to oral antigenic stimulation initiating cause is usually not identified, varies from case to case, & is likely multifactorial
What are clinical signs of feline stomatitis? JVD Spring 2013 halitosis, poor grooming, difficulty eating, pain when eating/yawning, irritability, weight loss
What infectious agents may be involved in feline stomatitis? JVD Spring 2013 calicivirus*, herpesvirus, FeLV, FIV, Bartonella henselae
What potential contributing factors of stomatitis have been investigated? (5) JVD 2013 infectious agents, FORL, perio dz, food allergies, hypersensitivity to plaque bacteria
How many cats w/stomatitis improve after caudal mouth extractions? JVD Spring 2013 60-80%
What is the primary mechanism of immunosuppression by cyclosporine?? JVD Spring 2013 Inhibition of calcineurin inhibits gene expression of inflammatory cytokines. Targets T cells B cell activation and differentialtion may also be partially calcineurin dependent
What is the positive feed back loop between T cells and IL2? JVD Spring 2013 Activated T cells secrete IL-2, which drives proliferation and further expansion of T-cells
What are 6 immunomodulatory therapies that have been investigated for Feline stomatitis? JVD Spring 2013 gold salts, bovine lactoferrin, thalidomide, recombinant feline interferon omega (rFeIFN-w), steroids, cyclosporine
What effects do glucocorticoids exert on the immune system? JVD Spring 2013 decrease neutrophil diapedesis, redistribution of lymphocytes to extravasculra compartments, down regulates maturation of antigen-presenting cells
What are side effects of cyclosporine in cats? JVD Spring 2013 Diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy
What dog breed has been show to have a familial predisposition to CUPS? What other dog breeds are most commonly affected? JVD Spring 2011 Maltese Cavalier King Charles, Grayhounds, Labs (scotties)
What are the characteristic histologic findings in CUPS lesions? JVD Spring 2011 lymphocytic infiltration in the lamina propria and epithelium
What are 2 ddx when clinical CUPS lesions are seen? JVD Spring 2011 uremia & auto-immune dz
What is the etiological difference between CUPS and auto-immune dz? JVD Spring 2011 CUPS is the result of an immune response to chronic antigenic stimulation related to bacteria in the dental plaque. Auto-immune dz involves auto-antibodies targeting mucosal basement membrane or basal keratinocyte components
What are 2 kinds of pemphigoid auto-immune dz that can present as vesicular blisters? JVD Spring 2011 Mucous membrane pemphigoid vs Bullous pemphigoid
Which infections agent is commonly associated with chronic gingivostomatitis in cats? Berl Munch Teirarztl Woch 2010 Calicivirus (FIV, FeLV, & Bartonella were also studied and found to be no different between healthy and diseased cats)
What 2 kinds of cancer have been diagnosed in dogs which clinically present similar to stomatitis? 2012 J small anim pract erythema multiforme & T cell lymphoma
Created by: lamarron
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