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Den 121

chapters 4, 5

Plaque sticky mass that contains bacteria and grows in colonies on teeth. SPAT!-D
9 - 12 years children are proficient in brushing and flossing
2 - 3 Minutes time for cleaning/brushing your teeth
Floss Holder a y-shaped device that holds the floss tightly. helps patients with arthritis, poor manual dexterity and overly large hands
Floss Threader used under fixed bridges, orthodontic wires and retainer. designed like a needle and used like one.
Systemic Fluoride can be ingested through the water supply, some foods, and drops/tablets
Topical Fluoride comes in forms of gels, rinses, foams, and liquids
Post Fluoride TX do not eat, drink, or rinse for 30 minutes after application
Demineralization minerals, calcium and phosphate are lost from the enamel surface
Remineralization Minerals are replaced in the tooth
Raisins, Crackers, and Some Vegetables Carbohydrates the patients are unaware may cause tooth decay
Carbohydrates nutrients responsible for providing energy
Proteins nutrients responsible for growth and repair
1992 the USDA first created a guide to a balanced diet in _?
Fat is often called a backup source of energy
60% America
30% AHA!
50% "light"
Grams = Calories 1 g = 9 calories
Anorexia the fear of being fat
Bulimia overeating and the puking, using laxatives, exercise and diuretics
Organic Products grown w/o the use of herbicides, chemical pesticides, or fertilizers
Interproximal Brush a small hand held brush with nylon bristles twisted in wire. for patients with open contacts, substantial bone loss and bi/tri furcation and orthodontic brackets
Wooden Stimulators placed in interproximal areas and pointed toward the occlusal surface
Diet food actually eaten
Undernourished lacking the correct nutrients for the body
Malnutrition a disorder from being undernourished
Nutrition the manner in which foods are used to meet the bodily needs
Vision vitamin A
Antioxidants vitamin E
Bone Growth vitamin D
Blood Clotting vitamin K
B Complex and C vitamins excreted from the body daily
20 it is suggested that __ grams of fiber be eaten daily
Calcium the mineral that makes up the largest quantity of the body is __?
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