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Unit 5 Part 1


Unit 5 Part A Knowledge
What was the main aim or purpose of the Compromise of 1850? Made California a free state
Who wrote it? Henry Clay
Who got it passed in Congress in five pieces? Stephen Douglas
What were the three concessions for the North in it? California becomes a free state. No more slave trade in Washington D.C. Congress could no longer regulate slave trade between slave states.
What were the two concessions for the South in it? Popular Sovereignty(voting for slavery or free) in territories of Utah and New Mexico Stricter Fugitive Slave Law. Northerners had to help return escaped slaves.
Why did the North get mad about the Fugitive Slave Act? Free Africans were being caught and made slaves. Protests and violence broke out in cities trying to protect free African citizens.
What was the Kansas Nebraska Act? The people were to vote whether the Kansas or Nebraska territory would be free or a slave state.
What did it do the Missouri Compromise? It killed the Missouri Compromise which said none of this area could be slave.
Who came up wit the Kansas Nebraska Act? Stephen Douglas
Why did he want it? He wanted a transcontinental railroad where he could make money off of the land.
Who approved it after Congress? Franklin Pierce
Who illegally voted in Kansas? Missourians who didn't live there.
Who killed people who were for slavery in the Kansas territory? John Brown
What happened in Kansas? Two governments were formed: Antislavery and Proslavery or slave and free
What was Kansas called because of the violence? Bleeding Kansas
Who was beaten by Preston Brooks with a cane? Charles Sumner who was against slavery and spoke against Andrew Butler of South Carolina
What was the country heading for? Civil War
Who won the Election of 1860? Abraham Lincoln
What party was Lincoln? Republican
Why did he get the most electoral votes? The northern region which supported freedom for slaves voted for him.
What was different about this election? Voters voted along regional beliefs for their candidates who believed like them. North for Free South for Slave
Why did the South secede? The fear of Lincoln and his reputation toward slavery.
What did the North continue to violate of the Southern states? Their states rights.
What was the first state to break away? South Carolina.
What was the actual event that started the Civil War. The firing upon Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter being attacked.
Created by: CentralHistory