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Clinical Abbrev


Amalgam am
Twice a day BID
Blood Pressure BP
Bitewing x-ray BWX
Buccal B
Composite comp
Crown Cr
Carbocain Carbo
Dark gray dg
Dark yellow dy
Delivery Del
Distal D
Diagnosis Dx
Distoocclusal DO
Date of birth DOB
Denture Den
Emergency emerg
Exam Ex
Extration ext
Facial F
Fracture FR
Full series of x-rays FMX
Gold AU
Gray g
History Hx
Impacted IMP
Impression imp
Incisal I
Lidocaine lido
Lingual L
Laboratory lab
Mesial M
Mandibular mand
Maxillary max
Mesioocclusal MO
Mesiocclusodistal MOD
No charge nc
Oral hygiene OH
Oral hygiene instrustions OHI
Over the Counter OTC
Periapical PA
Postoperative PO
Prognosis Px
Prophylaxis Pro
Prescription Rx
Universal u
Removable Partial Denture RPD
Root Canal Treatment RCT
Return to office RTo
Three times a day tid
Treatment TX
Temporomandibular joint TMJ
Toothache TA
Yellow y
Created by: KiwiMangos