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Def Test 102 #1

Chapter 36/37/49

Aspirate To draw back or to draw within
Bow Rounded part of clamp that extends through the dental dam
Exposed Pertaining to selected teeth visible through the dam
Invert To reverse the position, order, or condition. To turn inside out or upside down
Jaws Part of a clamp that is shaped into four prongs to help stablize the clamp on the tooth
Malaligned Displaced out of line, especially teeth displaced from normal relation to the line of the dental arch
Stylus Sharpe, pointed tool used for cutting
Universal Pertaining to the same clamp that can be placed on the same type of tooth in the opposite quadrant
Winged Clamp Type of dental dam clamp that has extensions to help retain the dental dam
Anaesthesia Temporary loss of feeling or sensation
Duration Time from induction to complete reversal of anaesthesia
Gauge Standard dimension or measurement of the thickness of an injection needle
Oximetry Measurement of oxygen concentration in the blood
Porous Describes an object with minute openings that allows the passage of gas or fluid
Systemic Toxicity Related to a system, or typically the entire body
Tidal Volume Amount of air inhaled and exhaled with each breath
Titrate To determine the concentration of a substance
Vasoconstrictor Type of drug that constricts blood vessels; used to prolong anaesthetic action
Celluloid Strip Clear plastic strip used to provide a temporary inter proximal wall for the restoration of an anterior tooth surface
Cupping Form created by a concave tooth surface that has not been contoured properly
Overhang Excess restorative material that extends beyond the cavity margin
Palodent Small, oval-shaped matrix made of stainless steel used interproxmally during tooth restoration
Universal Retainer Dental device used to hold a matrix band in place during restoration of a class ll cavity
Wedge Wooden or plastic triangular device placed in the embrasure to provide contour needed when a class ll lesion is restored
Lumen The hollow centre of the injection needle
Created by: ashleyi
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