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Dental M - test 2

dental materials test two study flash cards

_____ is the deterioration of a metal by a chemical or electrochemical reaction corrosion
what material is MOST OFTEN used for a temporary restoration? ZOE
If excess cement is not removed from in and around the gingival margin and sulcus of the tooth, the cement can: irritate the area and cause inflammation and discomfort
An undermixed dental amalgam will appear: grainy
Amalgam has been popular for the restoration of carious teeth because It is more economical than composites It has excellent physical properties It is easy to manipulate
The dental assistant may have the responsibility of placing the mixed cement in a crown. The cement should be loaded so that a thin layer lines all the walls of the crown
what cement undergoes an exothermic reaction during mixing? Zinc Phosphate
An) _____ is defined as a mixture of two or more metals. alloy
Intermediate restorative material (IRM) is a Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement
What would be the material of choice as an insulating base as well as a sedative base? Zinc Oxide Eugenol
Because ZOE has a neutral pH of 7 and contains eugenol, it is ____ to the pulp Obtunding
A properly mixed amalgam should appear As a homogenous mass with slight shine
Dental amalgam primarily consists of _____. mercury, silver, copper, and tin
Protective bases are placed when it is necessary to protect the pulp before the restoration is placed, because without this protection there may be: postoperative sensitivity and damage to the pulp.
_____ is added to dental amalgam alloy powder to suppress oxidation zinc
What is the most important rule to follow when preparing dental cements Follow the manufacturer's directions
Solid materials are able to maintain their shape and resist external forces. true
The type of stress caused to teeth when biting a hard object, such as a piece of hard candy... compression
The atomic bonding of liquids is stronger than that of gases but weaker than that of solids. true
it is important to understand dental materials biocompatibility to: Reduce the chance of pain after the placement of a composite restoration Reduce the chance of toxicity Reduce the chance of irritation to the patients gingiva
Metallic bonds have the _______ bond compared to ionic bonds and covalent bonds; because of the free movement of ____, metallic bonds conduct heat and electricity strongest;electrons
The ability to transfer an electric current between two dissimilar metals is called___________. Galvinism
When a materials deformation is not permanent and recovers it is considered to have good.... Elasticity
The ingestion of cold and hot fluids and food can cause repeated expansion and shrinkage of a restoration; producing the opening and closing of a gap between the tooth surface and the restoration. This is called _____________. Percolation
The mechanical property of ____ refers to the weight or load applied to an object. force
The basic atom contains protons and electrons within the nucleus and neutrons in orbit around the nucleus false
The ability of a material to dissolve in a liquid refers to: solubility
_______ is the deterioration of a metal by a chemical or electrochemical reaction. Corrosion
______________ is directly related to the breakdown of most restorative materials. moisture, acid, and stress
If light will pass directly through an object it will be considered: transparent
In dental materials , most materials combine two components consisting of a ________ and ________to form a resulting material. Catalyst;Base
The uncured layer of resin on the surface of bonding agents and composites that allows for additional material to be added without the need for additional etching refers to the Oxygen Inhibited Layer
Enamel bonding is not as strong as dentinal bonding true
Enamel bonding is achieved by micromechanical retention false
Enamel bonding is achieved by resin tags penetration porosities in the enamel and by locking into surface roughness false
Enamel bonding is simpler than bonding to dentin. false
Composite resins are often classified according to their Filler Particle Size
The bonding agent within a composite is Silane Coupling Agent
The acid used most commonly to etch tooth structure for bonding procedures is Phosphoric
The conventional or traditional composites, which contain the largest filler particles and provide the greatest strength, are known as _____ composites Macrofilled
__________ is the excess material that remains on the occlusal margin, sometimes described as feather like? flash
The layer of debris (tooth structure, blood, saliva, etc.), similar to sawdust, created when preparing a tooth is referred to as the ______. Smear Layer
The polymerization shrinkage of a composite Can be minimized by placing and curing composite in small increments
The purpose of the silane coupling agent for composite resins is To improve the bond between the filler particles and the resin matrix
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