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Anatomy Emby Hist

Chapter 16

Avulsion Complete tooth displacement from socket due to extensive trauma.
Cingulum Raised and rounded area on the cervical third of lingual surface on anteriors.
Cusp Slope Two ridges on incisal edge of canines divided by cusps tip.
Cuspid Older dental term for canine.
Developmental Depressions Depression usually evident in specific tooth area.
Developmental Groove Primary groove that marks junction among developmental lobes on lingual surface of anteriors or occlusal table of posteriors.
Developmental Pit Pits on lingual surface of anteriors or on occlusal table and buccal and lingual surface of posteriors.
Distema Open contact that can exist between permanent maxillary central incisors.
Fossa (Fossae) Shallow, wide depressions on lingual surface of anteriors or occlusal table of posteriors.
Hutchinson's Incisors Developmental disturbances in permanent incisors with screwdriver-shaped crowns caused by congenital syphilis.
Impacted Unerupted or partially erupted tooth positioned against another tooth, bone, or soft tissue preventing eruption.
Incisal Angle Two angles on permanent incisors formed from incisal ridge or edge and each proximal surface.
Mamelons Rounded enamel extensions on incisal ridge of anteriors.
Mesiodens Supernumerary tooth between two permanent maxillary central incisors.
Peg Lateral
Supplemental Groove
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