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Nutrition Exam

Comp Care Nutrition Exam

what is a 24 hour recall allows the dental professional to collect data on food consumed during a single day, it is quick and easy and presents a representative sample of the patient's dietary intake.
what is the fall back of a 24 hour recall previous day may not be optimal and may not capture long term behaviors and could miss foods that have an impact on assessment
what is the advantage of a 24 hour recall allows general analysis of basic nutrient adequacy, variety and cariogenicity
what is a food frequency questionaire determine how often patient consumes foods from groupings containing similar nutrient content list of commonly eaten foods and patient cycles the number of times per day, week or months he food is chosen
what is the problem with a food frequency questionnaire? lack of a comprehensive list, is not specific and does not garner enough data to evaluate nutrient content, often under estimated
what are DRI? comprehensive term for categories of reference values that concentrate on maintaining a healthy state for healthy general population to avoid overeating and prevent chronic disease
what are EARs? estimates the nutritional requirements of the average individual
do nutritional deficiencies cause periodontal disease? NOOOO It may contribute to it however
what are the elements strongly associated with wound healing? vitamin B complex, vitamin C and dietary calcium
what makes up vitamin B complex? riboflavin (B2) niacin (B3) pyridoxine (B6) cobalamin (B12), biotin, folic acid and pantothenic acid
Created by: Chobchi