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ICE Test

Infection Control Exam for Dental Assistants

What is included in an exposure control plan? the evaluation of safety devices
using traditional radiographic procedures, what is considered a clinical contact surface? x-ray control panel
What type of disinfectant would you use on M. Tuberculosis Intermediate level disinfectant
What is the most severe outcome of latex allergy? Anaphylaxis
Who is responsible for appropriate regulated waste disposal? The General Facility
Biopsy Specimen a removal of tissue from a living subject or a presence of a disease
Bloodborne Pathogens OSHA's employee safety for needle sticking
Organisms that live in Dental water units, ultra sonic scalers, high speed hand pieces, or syringes. microbes
critical anything that penetrates soft tissue
semi-critical contacts mucous membranes, but does not penetrate soft tissue
non-critical contacts intact skin only
sterilization critical
high level disinfectant semi-critical
intermediate or low level disinfectant non-critical
what is most critical in dental healthcare setting? hand washing
hepatitis C is a disease caused by what? bloodborne pathogens
What are 4 parameters of importance in st 1. Steam 2. Pressure 3. Temperature 4. Time
hepatitas B is the most commonly transmitted disease in dental healthcare setting True
When washing hands it will remove. . . Transient microogranisms and will reduce resident flora
Monitoring the sterilization process chemical, mechanical, and biological
who's responsible for writing an exposure control plan? Employer
employees must be trained on bloodborne pathogens standard when? before beginning work and then yearly there after
After completing the three dose hepatitis B vaccine series when should you be tested for proper antibody response? 1-2 months
Sterile packaged instruments must be repackaged and resterilized when? packaging material is compromised
Which microorganism is used to identify a disinfectant as intermediate level? M. Tuberculosis var. bovis
a needle stick involving a used anesthetic syringe can lead to what type of microbial contact? Indirect
When reactions associated with latex gloves, what is the most serious potential health consequences? Type 1 hypersensitivity
all dental healthcare personnel should have a tuberculin skin test as a baseline, preferably upon hire
the training for infection control should be provided how? language of and the literacy level of the employee
the primary active agent in the solution used for unsaturated chemical vapor sterilization is formaldehyde
Created by: Drude2012