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tail a body part of animal.
tale a story.
bow bending of the body.
bough the branch of a tree.
hail a salutation or greeting.
hale free from disease or infirmity.
pale not bright or brilliant.
pail the amount filling a pail.
bear to produce by natural growth.
bare lacking of something.
sale the act of selling.
sail a sailing vessels or ship.
sauce something that add piquancy or zest
source a manufacturer or supplier.
staff the group of people who work for a particular organization.
stuff the material of which anything is mode.
fir a tree with thin, shape leaves.
fur the soft, thick hair that covers the bodies of some animals.
root the part of plants that grow under the ground and takes in water and food from the soil.
route a way from one place to another.
main most popular.
mane the long hair on the neck of a horse or male lion.
yoke a piece of wood fastened across the necks of two animals so they can pull heavy loads.
yolk the yellow part in the middle of an egg.
safe free from danger.
save to make or keep someone or something safe from death, loss, changes, ETC.
weather the climate at a certain place and time, how much rain, wind, sun, ETC.
whether used for expressing a choice or doubt between two or more possibilities.
medal a flat piece of metal usually with a design and word on it.
meddle to take too much interest in something that you should not.
basking to sit or lie in a place where you can enjoy the warmth.
busking to entertain by dancing.
berth a place to sleep on a ship or train.
birth being born.
flea a very small jumping insect without wings that lives on animal and make them scratch.
flee to run away or escaping from something.
scene the place where something happened.
seen to become aware of something, using your eyes.
cause a thing or person that makes something happen.
couse complete series of lesson.
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